A cuss tupo happens when one types a cuss or hilariously inappropriate word instead of a normal word accidentally.


  • Person1: Hold on a sex, brb
  • Person2: SEX?!
  • Person1: GAH! CUSS TUPO!!
  • Person1: Back. 
  • Person1: *Shoots Person2 with ice blast*
  • Person2: OW!! YOU JUST SHIT ME!!
  • Person3: OMG YOU CUSSED!!
  • Person2: NOO I MADE A CUSS TUPO!!!
  • Person3: *I have banned Person2 from chat*
  • Person1: Lel

Famous Cuss TuposEdit

  • Lefty7788 from Candy Crush Saga Wikia made a famous cuss tupo on chat once, accidentally saying "*Lefty7788 absorbed all 10,000 shits". He meant to say "Shots".

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